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Never Overflow A Toilet Again

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Never Overflow A Toilet Again

Never Overflow A Toilet Again : If you have ever had a toilet overflow while you were trying to plunge it you know what a bad situation that can be, not only do you have to clean up the mess, chances are the toilet will still be plugged up.

If you are a guest over visiting people you know or worst yet people you just met and you have plugged up the toilet, having it overflow would be a nightmare to say the least.

Well this is one of the easiest situations to avoid, you just need to know a few things.

What you need to know as soon as the toilet gets plugged up is:

1) Do Not Flush It Again Using the Handle!

2) You need a plunger of course.

3) This is a very important part, You want to always keep the water above the plunger end. If you do not have enough water then you are really not plunging it right and this can give you a false sense that you unplugged the toilet when you really did not, this will lead you to use the handle and then overflow the toilet.

4) Keeping enough water in the toilet, How do I do that? You do that by using a bucket or anything you have to transfer water to the toilet, this includes the shower hose. If it can reach then you can fill the toilet with that using Cold Water Only. When you are filling the toilet to keep enough water in it you need to keep the plunger in the toilet and it has to cover the hole otherwise the water can seep out to fast and you won’t be able to keep up with it.

5) Now you plunge, raise the plunger up to grab some water and then plunge. This way you are forcing enough water through to unclog the toilet, you have to keep repeating these steps, if you do not pick some water up and just leave it in the hole you are not plunging or forcing any water through the clog.

6) Now check your work. In order to know if the clog is unclogged you will either have enough water in the bowl that it will leave rapidly as though you just flushed it or you need to fill the toilet with water while holding the plunger over the hole, you then remove the plunger and the water will rapidly leave the bowl, the key is to have the water high enough to leave the bowl. If you pull the plunger away from the hole and the water just sits there then put the plunger back in and cover the hole, this time fill the bowl up to the bottom of the rim and then remove the plunger, if the water rapidly leaves then you have unclogged the toilet if not it is still clogged and you need to keep plunging until it does. All the time keeping enough water in the bowl to force it through the clog.

Doing the plunging the way it was just explained the toilet will never overflow because you are controlling the amount of water entering the bowl, using the handle you can’t control the water entering the bowl.

Trying to flush and hold the flapper down is to risky as is shutting the water off, you can cause a leak by just turning the water valve, you can break or bend the flush valve parts trying to hold the flapper shut and causing more of a problem.

Following the above steps is the easiest and the safest way to never overflow a toilet.

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